Skindred – Kill The Power (2014) – Album Review


Welsh reggaemetal band Skindred are in possession of an ability in which it is exceptionally hard for them to do wrong. Regardless of the album’s whole content they still cram in a massive amount of catchy material and electrifying track, whilst some of the others may lack. The shining poster-boy tracks are the only ones the listeners want though. The albums should be seen as a demonstration of what will happen live, a warm up. ‘Kill The Power’ ticks these boxes again and has a great number of ‘dance-tunes’ that every metal head can enjoy. At least the first half of the album is splendid and displays the band’s versatility whilst still retaining their almost unique and personally manufactured sound. The title track uses a motif that many will be familiar with from Kanye West’s “POWER” though he in turn had borrowed it. From here onto “Ninja” the listener will either be mentally or physically on their feet thrashing around. Skindred know how to write a great track but though they lack in bringing emotional depth it doesn’t wholly matter, the band write songs that get a party going and even the slightly more melody oriented “The Kids Are Right Now” lends enough gravity and flow to be registered as one of the better tracks despite lacking in ‘heaviness’.

Like previously alluded to, Skindred know how to make killer tracks and keep making them. There’s enough here to freshen up their live performances and the rest is comfortable filler, not thrown away. In Skindred we trust, one can be positive that regardless of the current climate Skindred will at least make the next 40 minutes the best 40 minutes of your day.

Verdict – 4/5


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