The Last of Us

September 2nd, 2012 @ 02:38:44

    IGN recently unveiled The Last of Us as their Game of the Year: 2013. There were many strong contenders for GOTY: Bioshock: Infinite being a great example as well as the eagerly awaited and massively popular GTAV. However IGN like many other people have picked The Last of Us as their example of the pinnacle of gaming in 2013. This may come as a surprise to some people: People who haven’t played the game or watched a stream will have no idea what the game is. It was a Playstation 3 exclusive title which would explain why many will not be fluent in the discussion of The Last of Us. Those of you with friends who owned this game must have been told to check it out. Given a playthrough from start to finish will be a clear indicator as to why this game was Game of the Year for 2013 and will be a tough contender to beat in the next phase of gaming.

People’s perception of video games vary, as well as their attention spans but The Last of Us taps into everything that makes a great game. Gameplay wise it’s very simple to control, with stealth elements that aren’t hard to get used to and quick and easy ways of manufacturing and controlling the mayhem. The game is very linear but it doesn’t matter as the telling of the story makes up for lack of choice. You won’t want to explore anywhere else as, despite the dreary nature of the scene, you will want to pursue the tail and find out what happens next in the story.

Brilliantly captured cut-scenes piece together the story amidst the action and are some of the best visuals seen on that generation. Movements in Joel‘s face make you feel the weight and emotion of every word, the same for the other characters. This makes the emotional roller-coaster that extra piece more hectic. The story is captivating and whilst there are games with great narrative there has never been one quite like this, not one with such universal connectivity.

An aspect that tends to go unnoticed in games is the multi-player. A lot of games have the capability however none really exploit it’s potential and it’s just there for something to fill the void. The multi-player features here however are a reflection on the hardwork that was put into the singleplayer. It’s cleverly constructed, simple and engaging. Just watch any stream or playthrough to find out why.

Whilst this article hasn’t gone too much into depth about the technicalities of the game, this is not a review or an ‘unboxing’ but more akin to a memoir. Remembering the game, and in an incredible amount of year I hope to still remember this game in the same way I remember Ocarina of Time.The greatest example as to why Video Games are more than just casual adventures to numb the brain, but a piece of art that expands the mind,


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