My Top 15 Albums of 2013, #15 – Anathema – Universal

15. Anathema – Universal


‘Universal’ was the first time I’d heard Anathema. Though they had been on my list of things to listen to for a while I never got round to it until just after they released this live album and DVD. Though live albums, compilations generally wouldn’t be in ‘Albums of the Year’ I take this as an exception… also because my rule doesn’t include live albums so hey ho! It’s a long piece of music and is a great example of the influence progressive music has on people, people who don’t have English as their first language, and how it’s interpreted live. It also is a slightly ‘lighter’ album in terms of music, not overtly distorted and amazingly beautiful, whilst the orchestra who accompany the band add an extra element that makes this 2+ hour release absolutely gorgeous. They opened my eyes to the lighter and prettier side of music and like most of the acts I’ll talk about this year, incredibly understated.

Purchase the album at Amazon 


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