My Top Albums of the Year 2013, #2 – Alter Bridge – Fortress

2. Alter Bridge – Fortress



This experience is simliar to Dream Theater‘s. Quite weird as upon the release of both albums the two bands seemed to be doing interview together. I fell in love with Alter Bridge almost immediately after my first listen. In fact after a couple of songs I bought all their material and the live DVD just to try and get into the band, rarely happens but when it does I love them; the same thing happened with Coheed and Cambria. However with the release of ‘Fortress’ I was a little wary. I think it was the ‘hardcore’ fans who ruined it, sucking the life out of every drop of juice the company would release about the album. The title didn’t impress me and neither did the artwork. Then “Addicted To Pain” came out and I thought it was cool, heavy, but obviously a single. Then I realised it wasn’t just a ballsy single, it was a well constructed metal song, echoing that of “Enter Sandman” and the like. I also said I hadn’t found any hidden gems on this album, that’s been amended. Asides from the obvious title track, “Lover” is a great ballad, simplistic and a similar vein to ‘One Day Remains’“Burn It Down”. The hidden gem however being the Muse-y sounding “Calm The Fire”, phenomenal. It knocked me over picked me back and then threw me back into the ring. Though it’s a tie between this, ‘Blackbird’ & ‘ABIII’ as to which is better, I think this has the staying power that ‘III’ has. Next time they tour the UK they need to play more songs off it is all. Great stuff. Proving me wrong again, and reinforcing the point that they are the best band in the world 120 beats per minute.

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