My Top 15 Albums of the Year 2013, #4 – Ghost – Infestissumam

4. Ghost – Infestissumam


Anyone who knows me knows I love Ghost. First heard their music and then saw them live which is different to a lot of my friends. They’re captivating and alluring whilst the music reflects this perfectly. They sing soft yet lyrically it’s dark and almost satirical. The “Year Zero” video had me in stitches whilst at the same time chanting “Yes!”. You can be doing anything but as soon as the first “BELIAL!” sounds you drop everything and raise your arms. Other songs on the album have similar tenancies. Given the time they could have thousands of people every night chanting “Per aspera ad inferi!” One of my favourite albums of the year (obviously it’s number 4) and will remain a favourite album of mine. Almost a weird screwed up version of a ‘feel good’ album. Anthemic.

Purchase the album at Amazon


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