My Top 15 Albums of 2013, #7 – TesseracT – Altered State

7. TesseracT – Altered State

Great example of young progressive metal and how intelligent modern British music can be. This was my first dive into TesseracT‘s music, at least the first proper dive. It blew me away. If any of you read the original review me and my friend also reviewed the album via Google+/Chat whatever it’s called, and I poured praise then. So without divulging too much on the intricate details it’s one of the best progressive albums I’ve heard in a long time. That phrase may be cast around lightly and though I preferred Karnivool‘s ‘Asymmetry slightly more ‘Altered State’ will stand the test of time better and is a benchmark in TesseracT‘s musical career. It’s super dynamic too and feels like you’re being baptised in an ocean of music. Awesome

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  1. Irmelinis says:

    This is music that will last a long, long time. “baptized in an ocean of music” – I agree. At times I prefer the instrumental version, there are just so many details to listen to. They absolutely kick ass live too, hearing Ashe singing the songs from their previous album was awesome, what a voice!
    Already one of my all time favourite albums.


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