The Safety Fire – Mouth of Swords (2013) – Album Review


The Safety Fire are one of the elite groups of progressive metal musicians from Britain who are actually making great music. Creating the balance between self-indulgence and melody is fine in progressive music, and it has plagued the greats too. “Mouth of Swords” however is a step towards the better direction of underlying instrumental exposition with an overlying emphasis on catchy songs. See ‘Glass Crush’ or even the title track for a clear exhibition of this combination. ‘Beware the Leopard (Jaqwar)’ shows of the vocalists great range and is one of the better tracks.

The album is a great demonstration of young British progressive metal music, combine these with TesseracT and you’ve probably got one of the best exhibitions of young talent in a long time. Very underrated collection of youths.

Verdict – 4/5


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  1. I have to mention the heavy vocals on Jagwar aren’t Seany’s but Tommy from BTBAM.


    1. ACBlogReview says:

      What about the highs?


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