Protest The Hero – Volition (2013) – Album Review


“Volition” was one of the latest albums to utilise Indigogo as a means of raising it’s funding. Protest The Hero were requesting $125,000 however exceeded that, surpassed it no mind, gathering something in the area of $341,000. This indicates that the fans of Protest are more loyal that initially conceived, there are more of them, and they want new music desperately. But there’s the $341,000 question, was it worth it?

Yes. Oh yes it was worth it. As soon as ‘Clarity’ blares the familiarity welcomes you home. Diving deep into the progressive metal maelstrom Protest  spawn in a soothing experience. Some who aren’t familiar with this realm may “It’s a bit too much,” but the shredding guitars are cleverly woven into the rhythm section and give a much more stable listening experience than outsiders may imagine. ‘Mist’ is a song that changes the pace slightly, bringing in a, for want of a better phrase, pop-punk aspect. Similar in the way Coheed and Cambria may, it works, the track sounds a bit brighter and jumpier whilst not stripping the instrumentals of their technicality.

The listening experience touches in at just under an hour. There’s plenty of memorable passages, the two tracks previously mentioned, and the monstrous ‘Drumhead Trial’ and ‘Plato’s Tripartite’ are included in this category. It’s great to hear music that has brutality, but at the same time is catchy whilst still being a little self-indulgent.

Verdict – 4/5 Stars

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