Red Fang – Whales & Leeches (2013) – Album Review – Stoner Metal


Red Fang have an uncanny ability to spurt gruesome riffs onto their record, and mix that with vocal melodies and the other instrumental sections that craft it into a supremely catchy piece of ‘badassery’. The latest release ‘Whales & Leeches’ is no difference to this (slightly inaccurate) formula and delivers 40 minutes of delicious tasty riffs smothered in Guitar based BBQ Sauce. Opener “DOEN” storms through the breeches and unleashes the filthy unwashed hoard into your ear drums for the duration of the release. ‘Blood Like Cream’, ‘No Hope’ and ‘Dawn Rising’ exhibit the dynamics of the album, demonstrating it’s not just a 40 minute Riff-sterpiece. “Crows In Swine” too is one of the hidden gems of the album.

Head to toe it’s a stormer, and seriously enjoyable. Not the greatest heavy metal album but a new Red Fang album is something fresh to the ears. It’s familiar enough you fall in love straight away, but still a whole new collection of riffs that leave the guitarist thinking “Damn why couldn’t I have written that.”

Verdict – 4/5 Stars

Don’t forget to purchase the album at Amazon


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