Late December Plans

Hi guys,

 Just a little notice. Firstly sorry the reviews haven’t been flowing, just been supremely busy. However with The Hobbit being release, as well as Anchorman 2 there’s 2 film reviews. As well as some late (some extremely late) album reviews, or perhaps just ‘spotlights’ of bands I’ve discovered this year. But yeah. I aim to release an album review every other day up until Christmas but I know most of you will be busy anyway. But the ones that are long overdue shall go up regardless.

 Anyway, in regards to the ‘Albums of the Year’, thanks to This Is Not A Scene I’ve decided to settle on a Top 15. So on their site will be my Top 15 I believe, whilst on here I shall go into great discussion as to why I picked these. There will also be two more categories. Honourable Mentions, and Dishonourable Mentions. These speak for themselves. The Honourable mentions shall come first and feature a 15-20 list of other albums I enjoyed this year whilst the Dishonourable counterpart shall come after and be a short list of the albums I least enjoyed. The latter is just a bit of fun but it’ll at least give me a platform to explain why I didn’t enjoy it instead of why the song quality isn’t great, which a regular review demands.

 The dates I aim for is:

Top 15 = 27th December

Honourable Mentions= 28th December

Dishonourable Mentions = 29th December


We’ll see if I stick to that.


 Thanks again if you are a regular reader and if you have any suggestions for me to review, leave a comment somewhere and I’ll contact you when I have time. I’m open to reviewing anything.





P.S – Listening Playlists will return eventually


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