The Walking Dead – Season 4 – Part I Review – Spoilers



The Walking Dead has played through it’s half season and viewers must eagerly await til February for the conclusion. What a finale it was as well. After a few dull paced early episodes with the protagonists fighting a frightful cold things began to heat up with the reintroduction of the man with one eye, of course The Governor. The next couple of episodes provided a back story of the Governor starting with the end of Season 3 up until the point where he finds the prison again.

It was great to see the main villain, the pure embodiment of all evil, more vulnerable and at the mercy of others. His relationships with the new characters helped pitch the battle not between Rick and the good guys Vs The Governor and the bad guys but rather two groups of survivors.

The final episodes culminated in a dramatic and bloody showdown, of which some have called ‘The Walking Dead’s Red Wedding’. For those who are fans of Game of Thrones and are not aware of that phrase, that means people die, people who you love. The 20 so minutes of bloodshed are what the battle at the end of season 3 should have been. The half-season definitely slowly built itself up and as tensions began to rise they exploded and leave the audience quaking.

Like aforementioned, why that wasn’t the end of Season 3? Who knows. It seriously could have been because there were plenty of scenes in S3 where nothing happened. But oh well, it was given the time to recover from S3’s poor ending and is back on it’s feet and fighting strong, if a little battered after S4’s mid-finale.

Great piece of television, and great to see something that quickly slipped from the viewers grasp is firmly back in place. Let’s hope the second half somehow builds on this.

Verdict – 4/5 Stars – It had a great end, but the start still lacked brilliance


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