Gravity (2013) – Film Review


The latest addition to the realm of sci-fi should really be viewed as a milestone in sci-fi history. With large scale sci-fi films such as Thor coming out at a similar time Gravity sets a totally opposite tone to what the former conveys. In akin to many ‘stranded’ films Gravity really exposes the feeling of loneliness, ever more prominent and evident in space. The hour and a half span makes you connect and sympathise with Sandra Bullock’s character. The connection with George Clooney’s character isn’t so easily attained. The story is as one would expect not entirely amazing, but there are only two outcomes to the film. Shes lives. Or she dies. However this film is made for cinema and truly should be experienced in 3D, regardless of one’s opinion on films in the darker third dimension. The shots of Earth are magnificent and the shots that go on and on, turning round the space ship and following entire minutes of the journey are captivating. However they filmed it, it was done well.

Many scientists have criticised the films accuracy to science. However like previously stated, it’s a film, and one that’s made to expose different aspects of film making. It’s not professing to be an incredibly accurate piece of fiction, and it can easily be enjoyed despite it’s inaccuracies as long as you don’t have a tripod stuck up your arse. Asides from other moments in the plot where it gets  a bit too over the top and lucky it’s a great film to watch in 3D and is in some ways refreshing to see something that is a tiny bit more accurate in the science fiction world. Accurate by Hollywood’s ludicrous standards anyway.

Seriously enjoyable and if you haven’t caught on, 3D!

Verdict – 4/5 Stars


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