Trivium – Vengeance Falls (2013) – Album Review – Heavy Metal


Trivium are a relatively big band, at least in their plane of music, and are equipped with a seriously dedicated fan base. The last album ‘In Waves’ carried on the momentum of ‘Shogun’ and launched the band into wider territory. Many speculated that a lot of their future would reside on the success and quality of their next album. When bassist Paolo began posting photos online with the hashtag #triviumvi fans knew the next album would be here soon. The viral campaign that followed, see Metal Injection for more info, prompted further excitement and exposed the band to wider audiences simply by people saying “Check out what this band are doing”. The album streamed online and the leaks thus followed.

‘Vengeance Falls’ plays in a similar way to ‘In Waves’. Featuring a similar exploration musically. The album doesn’t begin with an ominous intro but rather kicks straight into “Brave This Storm”, a song fans may already have heard. The next two are the title track and another song exposed to the masses “Strife”. These three demonstrate the basic tone of the album; blinding solos, heavy riffs, horrible screams and epic choruses. The album changes tone however with “At The End Of This War”, introducing itself with an acoustic guitar, it delves then into darker guitar work and continues with similar tenacity to the early half. The middle half of the album is arguably the weakest. “Incineration: The Broken World” tweaks dynamics and is definitely one of the better tracks on the album. “Wake (The End Is Nigh)” follows suit and even displays Matt Heafy’s incredibly low voice during the introduction. Like the previous track as well the dynamics of the album are altered and explored slightly further and make this another memorable song.

On the whole however this doesn’t hit as hard as ‘In Waves’ did and is not nearly as likable on a first listen. However further listens and a connection to the choruses get you involved and make the whole process more enjoyable. Whilst they are still on the rise, the climb is slightly less steep.  Trivium will no doubt pull something brilliant out of their evil bag next time round and soon will headline a mega-festival near you.

Verdict = 3.5/5 

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