The Winery Dogs – The Winery Dogs (2013) – Album Review


Mr. Big meets Led Zeppelin mixed with Chris Cornell styled vocals and Dream Theater percussion. That’s one way to describe this super group yet though they draw comparison to numerous other legendary bands, some of which they were a part of, they are only at the beginnings of building their very own musical ball park. From the initial video release of “Elevate” (and later “Desire” and “I’m No Angel”)many listeners were flabbergasted at the latest unveiling in ‘Mike Portnoy’s Legendarium of Progjects’ (Progjects? Get it? Never mind). The song was hard hitting, incredibly virtuoso, yet supremely catchy and somewhat grounded. The track encapsulated some raw elements of this album, but not all; previously mentioned “I’m No Angel” offers a softer approach to the album, as does “You Saved Me”. “Not Hopeless” is another hard hitting song with a groovy riff, yet the chorus heralds a different tone, it also blows Kotzen’s vocals into other-worldly realms. The softer songs on the latter half of the album sadly get swept under the tidal wave of the former half, they still their merits however.

The classic rock elements are ever present on this album and it’s a hugely refreshing dive into a pool of music that’ll make you think of Summer. It’s a summer album, a driving album, one that sounds cool and makes you feel even cooler listening to it. The union of three of the greatest current musicians is also hugely beneficial, they know how to write a hit and they know how to melt your face. With such huge careers it’s no surprise they’ve managed to craft a decent formula when creating this record. A new album of old classic noises and emotion.

Verdict – 4/5 Stars


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