Riddick (2013) – Film Review


The latest installment in the anti-hero science-fiction franchise sees a return to the scaled down aspects of sci-fi employed in the series opener Pitch Black. The grandiose and high scale scenarios of The Chronicles of Riddick are chiseled away and Riddick tones the raw chunks that remain. The film sets out and accomplishes exactly what it intends to do; make a badass sci-fi flick, crack some one liners, and see the titular character break some skulls… or double penetrate a man with an over-sized bear trap. The plot is simple and manages to answer the question ‘what happened to Riddick after TCOR?’ in a simplistic way and starts an almost entirely separate story arc with only a minor plot element relating to the predecessor Pitch BlackVin Diesel’s character is the same as he ever was, brooding voice and hulking appearance complete with his ever-present set of goggles. Riddick manages to squeeze in some brilliant quips like a science fiction James Bond. The film, like many anti-hero films, actually needs to pay credit to it’s supporting cast. They are the ones who react to Riddick and they really engage in a truly ridiculously science fiction way. Whilst the running length is staggering given the content of the film it is nonetheless enjoyable and a proud component of the ever growing Riddick Franchise

Verdict – 3/5 Stars


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  1. CMrok93 says:

    Didn’t want much else from this other than some fun, and that’s what I got. Good review.


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