Newsted – Heavy Metal Music (2013) – Album Review



Jason Newsted is not an unfamiliar name in the heavy metal industry. From his huge role in Metallica after Cliff Burton’s death he has gone onto work with many projects and artists including his own Echo Brain as well as Voivod and even the legendary Ozzy Osbourne. After various reports of injury and perhaps other mishaps the man who was at a time noted for his amazing backing vocals has moved to the centre mic in the newly formed Newsted. What followed musically was a simple and direct approach. ‘We’re a metal band, here are some metal songs’ is what the music says. With the original ‘Metal EP’ being so warmly received a full length was anticipated. The aptly named ‘Heavy Metal Music’ is a huge, storming, head-banging, fist-pumping, skull-crushing album.

Only two tracks feature from the original EP meaning there’s plenty of almost unheard music here. Opening with “Heroic Dose”, something many may have heard live, and proceeding into “Soldierhead” and “…As The Crow Flies” give a simple foundation as to what you’ll find on this album. Riffs, and great songs. The main man’s vocals are phenomenal. If you are a fan of Metallica you won’t realise how much you’ve really missed him until now. The growls are ballsier than a fair few vocalists out there at the minute and even sometimes feel on a similar vein to the harsher styling from the likes of Randy Blythe. Song wise there are obvious elements that Metallica would use, or rather you wish they’d use. Despite it sounding slightly like his previous band’s work, this release by Newsted is a fantastic evolution into the man’s career and a glimmering beacon to which some should aspire.

Verdicy – 4/5 Stars


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