Addicted To Pain – Alter Bridge (Track Review) – Fortress (2013)




The latest song from Alter Bridge is one that is magnificently anticipated. Whilst the majority of the members have had their own projects; Myles Kennedy with Slash, Mark Tremonti with his own band Tremonti, and Scott Phillips with Projected, as well as the entire rhythm section reunited with Scott Stapp for a string of Creed dates, the fans have eagerly awaited the return of Alter BridgeA group who can seemingly do no wrong. 

This first glimpse into the band’s fourth album ‘Fortress’ is a much heavier approach to song writing than many believed Alter Bridge would pursue let alone release as a single. The merging of metal guitar work with more standardised rock percussion and Myles’ classic rock vocals mold the song into a substance that isn’t played upon enough within the metal world. “Addicted To Pain” is arguably the worst titled song in the discography and whilst it sticks heavily to the formula of a single there is still an underlying quality that means this wasn’t a throw away track. The guitar riffs have a fantastic exploration over the fretboard and the duel guitar solo climaxes the song into a pulverising explosion of ecstasy infused delight. The more ground Myles gets when it comes to song writing makes the songs better and better.

This song is a great demonstration of the technical prowess of the members of the band and shows their ability to write a great song despite being under the chains of ‘writing a hit’. It will not be the best track on the album, but it’s still one of the best singles to come out of a band in recent months.

Verdict 5/5 Stars – The rating may seem high, but the heightened anticipation for the new album makes this song that bit more exciting. 


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