Five Finger Death Punch – The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Vol. 1 (2013) – Album Review


Five Finger Death Punch pack a hell of a hit with their latest release. Anthemic choruses and pounding guitar riffs are interwoven with guest appearances from the likes of Maria Brink, Max Cavalera and the legendary Rob Halford. “Lift Me Up”, “Watch You Bleed” and “You” are fantastic openers to this album featuring everything that make FFDP the band they are. Ivan Moody’s vocals are one of the brutal definitions of the band and their most remembered characteristic, his brooding presence even intimidating through ear phones. “Wrong Side Of Heaven” is the album’s flagship ballad and contains all the formula you’ll expect from previous tracks like “The Bleeding”. With this collection of songs the band effectively display their versatility and prove they are not just a simplistic ‘wrestle metal band’.

 Regarding the guests, Rob Halford’s passages in the opening track really give a great rise. Maria Brink’s sultry voice accompanies Ivan in the latter half of “Anywhere But Here” but she definitely wasn’t given the spotlight she deserved. However on the second version of “Anywhere But Here” there is a greater presence, this version is referred to as a duet and the brilliance of her involvement renders the first version obsolete. Tech N9ne is the guest on the surprising cover of L.L Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out”, he no doubt lends a different feel to the track, and as a result the album as a whole, unfortunately the song feels a bit like a throwaway. As to why the guest versions of “I.M.Sin” and “Dot Your Eyes” are a the latter half of the album is unknown, as to why there are two version of the track is a strange enough anyway.

The album is a whole is fun an enjoyable but doesn’t feature anything else than solid fist pumping tracks interspersed with softer elements. This is FFDP however so they hit their mark perfectly. If you’ve ever needed music to pulverise all those pesky enemies to, here’s half an album that should help, Volume 2 will be greatly anticipated.

Verdict – 3/5 Stars


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