The Wolverine (2013) – Film Review



 The Wolverine is Hugh Jackman’s latest adventure as the iconic Wolverine. This journey is set after the events of the third X-Men film, including some flash backs and dream sequences. The first two acts are filled with fantastic action sequences, inspired by the combat familiar in so many Japanese films, whilst still maintaining a pretty interesting story. The third act delves into formula exploited in nearly every action film ever. Whilst the Damsel-In-Distress, sadistic evil female and the villain’s evil lair are all familiar plot points they never fail to entertain.

The different setting makes this stand-out above some moments in other X-Men films, namely that of the Origins movie. There are too few mutants on screen and plenty of ninjas. Conceptually it’s very good but the final resolution is short of the mark. Casual viewers and comic fans alike will enjoy but won’t be held aloft in the Superhero Movie Greats. Despite this there are many moments where you will want to cheer for Wolverine and his incredibly heroic and badass scenes.

Expected storyline and not enough mutants, the post-credit (actually mid-credit) scene however makes up for any discrepancies about the film and is something all fans should stick around to see. Warning, nerds may explode.

Verdict = 3.5/5 Stars


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