Megadeth – Super Collider (2013) – Album Review & Video Discussion – Hard Rock/Thrash Metal

Megadeth-Super-Collider (1)


Thrash metal legends have release another studio album entitled Super Collider. After posting numerous studio videos and streaming some songs the album is officially release and fans can embrace Megadeth’s latest effort. But do they want to?

This album is quite disappointing compared to the band’s last couple of albums. After redeeming themselves from experimentation they have experimented again, and the outcome is less than savoury. When the title track was released many people were bemused as to even why the band, pioneers in thrash metal, would release something so generic and full. The song is the only of it’s kind and would sit pretty neatly in a Nickelback album, but even in this mixed bag of tracks the song passes off at a cheap way of gaining some more simpler listeners.

Built For War and opener Kingmaker are two of the better tracks. Some cool guitar riffs and all round good songs. As to why they could write more like this is baffling. Perhaps just lazy, the entire album has a feel of sloppy writing and not enough focus on what works in these structures. David Draiman also sings on the track Dance In The Rain but his appearance goes almost unrecognised, being mixed so low in the mix that it takes a few listened to even realise he’s there.

There’s not really much else to say asides from the lyrics need a proof read, ‘burn baby burn’ echoing The Bee Gees. That and the Thin Lizzy cover at the end isn’t half bad. Asides from some decent parts there is a lot of weak strength material here. The good parts of the album aren’t on their own in a track, they’re merged with less interesting passages in the same song, making the whole album less enjoyable.

Mustaine knows how to write a good album, he knows how to write a bad album. Sadly the latter has been achieved.

Verdict 2/5 Stars


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