Alice In Chains – The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here (2013) – Album Review & Video Discussion – Grunge/Stoner Rock



A hugely anticipated album from one of the biggest name’s in rock, legends in fact. With the eventual decision to continue writing after Layne Staley’s death with William DuVall, Alice In Chains release Black Gives Way To Blue in September 2009. Almost four years later, with hundreds of gigs beneath the new formation’s belt The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here has been released.

The heaviness of Dirt, arguabley the band’s best album and one of the best grunge albums, is ever present throughout this album. Singles Hollow and Stone utilise some heavy and low riffs but the album is not limited to the metal vibe. Title track The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is an eerily haunting song, easily memorable and one of the best ones. Another more upbeat song Phantom Limb, a 7 minute epic, resonates above all the others.   However the main downside of this album, for how dark it goes, it can be quite bright, the balance is slightly off and though tracks like Scalpel and Voices are still great songs something about them doesn’t quite fit this album. Perhaps some listener’s will be looking for their second Dirt or Facelift. However they will  never release those, these are the DuVall years and it’s great this band are still going and releasing good songs.

Despite the criticism with the album not being as heavy as initially believed, the two singles definitely set the wrong tone, there’s definitely great replay-ability. The brighter songs really fit with the current summer mood, especially with Alice In Chains making festival appearance, whilst the heavier and darker songs each have their own merits.

A high rating but this is a great release for a band that have, and still, overcome a lot of criticism for their mere existence.

Verdict = 4/5 Stars


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