Tesseract – Altered State (2013) – Album Review & Video Discussion – Progressive Metal



After troubles with numerous vocalists TesseracT have released their anticipated second album. Despite this they have released a beautiful album, one that will no doubt be on many ‘Album of the Year’ lists, and at the top of most of those. Rhythmically it’s very soft, despite some heavier guitars everything still seems to wash over you. The high production quality, administered by axe man Acle Kahney, obviously helps this and encircles you in a delicate prism from which you experience this impressive journey.

Divided into four parts; ‘Of Matter’, ‘Of Mind’, ‘Of Reality’, and ‘Of Energy’, the album is intending to represent the changes the band has gone through during recent years. The album taps into many influences, obviously metal but fantastically other elements such as jazz and folk as well as more electronic explorations. The first part of ‘Of Reality’ ‘Eclipse’ features a brilliant call and response using electronic instruments. Like previously stated some of the guitars (bass included) are heavy and pounding, however a lot of these are double up with a clean guitar. This rare partnership can help some heavier passages feel a lot smoother, and depending on your preference you will be able to enjoy one part without being turned off by the other. The percussion compliments the guitars astoundingly. Some parts coupling with the strings and making the music hit you harder, other times finding the notes in between and filling out the tapestry nicely. New vocalist Ashe O’Hara has a wonderful voice, impressively high without tapping into his falsetto too much. Harmonies are wondrously crafted and the melodies seem to play small games with the instruments, this album shows how well he molds into TesseracT and will hopefully be around for a lot longer.

There is so much to say about this album but there are not the right words to say it. Hopefully in a few years this will still be listened to an become an example of progressive music in the 2010’s. The saxophone section on ‘Calabi-Yau’ is monstrous, advancing it’s prog score by 10 points. But seriously, it’s highly enjoyable. Whether you listen to it from start to finish or just a couple of the tracks, there’s something within each song that everyone will enjoy. Whilst the more mainstream ‘prog’ bands like ‘Muse’ dominate the world, take your time to listen to some proper progressive rock.

Though originally shackled by the restraints of the imaginative Djent scene, this band have evolved in ways only others dream. Here’s to this classic.

Verdict – 5/5 Stars


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