L Sol Tace – The Carcass Of Eternity (2013) – Album Review


lst the carcass of eternity album cover

Editted Review

L Sol Tace are a ‘venomous groove metal band’ hailing from LondonIn 2010 they released their debut EP, recorded and produced themselves. Through this release they secured many gigs for the band including one at Arch Enemy’s after show party. Now they have finished their debut album with James Dunkley( Paradise Lost/Vallenfyre), and with it have brought on many guests.  Peredur Ap Gwynedd of Pendulum fame plays an absolutely blistering guitar solo on ‘Fall’ with Danny Felice (Breed 77) & Agamoth (Abgott) each lending their skills to the album in their own way.

If Pantera, Gojira, Lamb of God or Meshuggah are your bands then L Sol Tace will easily make you feel at home. Heavy southern riffing coupled with rhythmic majesty makes this release one of the unsung albums of 2013 so far. L Sol Tace will hopefully go far and be playing and recording for many years to come.

Rating 4/5 Stars

Read the full uneditted review at Louderthanhell.net


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