Black Sabbath – ‘God Is Dead?’ (2013) – Track Review




Finally we can listen to the first track Black Sabbath have released off their forthcoming, and highly anticipated album ‘13′.

 God Is Dead?’ is grounded in familiar enough Sabbath territory, but not so mundane it is a poor rehash of former glory. These 10 minutes totally prove why these indestructible titans can still be called collectively the greatest metal band ever. Tony’s simplistic and innovative guitar riffs will make all guitarist think ‘why can’t I write something like that?!’. Geezer’s thunderous bass storms through magnificently, it’s good to actually hear the bass in a metal song nowadays. Brad Wilk’s talents are applied magically as he beats his way eloquently and violently through this song. Ozzy’s vocals are of course a warming feel to such dooming music, despite him still releasing albums now there’s nothing quite like this mix.

Sadly there is no true new ground broken here musically but it is a positive look on what is to be heard come release day. The song builds up from it’s somber guitar intro into bigger and fuller choruses before breaking down into a jumpy middle section that will no doubt he a highlight when the band perform it live. Finally ending with the tempo lessened into a sludge breakdown, if you don’t find yourself headbanging you must physically not be able to. A modest excerpt from what now looks to be a monolithic album.

Things are looking bright in the depths of Hell. Satan smiles at his children’s great work.

Verdict – 4/5 stars

Listen Here

Black Sabbath ’13’ Album Release Date – June 2013


3 Comments Add yours

  1. bloodyrenn says:

    A great tune, I am excited for this album! Black Sabbath were one of the best and remain one of the best to this day.


    1. acblog says:

      Glad you liked it.
      Yep, cannot wait. Saw them live twice last year. Wish I could afford to go again this year


  2. nickscrazyspace says:

    When I first listened to this, I turned it up to 11. Let my house knew who Sabbath really are.


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