Fall Out Boy – Save Rock And Roll (2013) – Album Review



 Well your favourite band from your tweens are back. Why are they back? They’re here to save rock and roll, and they fail miserably. If the title is supposed to be ironic then well done you musical hipsters because this album is 40 minutes of FOB begging for your money because all their solo careers and side projects failed to make a dent.

‘The Phoenix’ and ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)’ open the album. Being the first two singles you can expect the tracks to be slightly more commercial and less interesting than the rest, that would be if the rest of the album was somewhat decent. The entire spectacle is one of begging. Begging for the listeners money. If you aren’t a 14 year old girl, which is the age a gender of a fair few FOB fans (not to stereotype), then you won’t enjoy this album. If pop punk rock rubbish is your cup of tea then you’ll enjoy this, until they release some other drivel and then you’ll enjoy that, and in 20 years you’ll forget who FOB even were, much like you did on their hiatus.

Normally these reviews aren’t wholly harsh and offer some redeeming quality but you will struggle to find one. Asides from Patrick Stump’s voice which is actually pretty good here, though way too produced again, the rest is tiresome. Should you be reading this and are offended that I have compared you to a 14 year old for liking this music, then please listen to some different and better music. Asides from catchy melodies this is an over produced pile of stereotypical garbage. If Fall Out Boy really want to Save Rock And Roll then they need only do one thing, quit.

Verdict – 1/5 stars

Release Date – April 16 2013


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