Clutch – Earth Rocker (2013) – Album Review




Clutch are back, and back with an album that definitely lives up to it’s name. Fist pumping rock anthems such as ‘D.C Sound Attack’ and ‘Unto The Breach’ will be absolute stormers live whilst the title track will eventually be on a “Top 100 Driving Songs’. The majority of the album either has the speed and tenacity like you desire, or makes you feel you were in the room when they first jammed the tracks, beer in hand. The album heralds darker roots too, such as in ‘Crucial Velocity’, but still retains the classic Clutch sound. Thankfully the album doesn’t fall away towards the end like so many do, ‘Oh, Isabella’ probably being one of the fullest and best tracks on the album, as well as the longest. However the sensual ‘Gone Cold’  is one of the hidden gems.

Fans of Clutch will probably love this and it’ll definitely win over those new fans who are still listening to ‘Electric Worry’ on repeat.

One of the albums of the year? Too early to tell but definitely a contender.

4/5 Stars



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