Black Veil Brides – Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones (2013) – Album Review



Full Review

Black Veil Brides are one of those bands. Some love to love them, some love to hate them, others may hate to love them. In their defense they are hard working young adults and appear to be making music they love, music that their fans will eat up and spew back out, then eat it again because that’s how much they love the band.

This is a concept album and, though the story like with most concept albums may be hard to follow, there is a strong narrative in the lyrics as well as story elements in between the songs. From what can be understood that story seems like a traditional ‘rising up’, a teenage anthem which seemingly is what this band makes a lot, and of course what the fans like.

Though the story of this radio friendly rock opera can be followed in the lyrics, they aren’t very interesting. Predictable rhymes and rhythms coupled with expected harmonies and analogous ‘oohs and aah’ cover this album like acne covers a teenage boys face. Catchy, but that’s not always a good thing. It’ll be enjoyable for a time, even if you don’t want it to, but then the song will be one that will be lucky to make it onto your iPod.

Some of the guitar riffs are great and solos canorous but only a blend of your generic metal. Slating BVB is easy, in the metal world they are ones causing up the biggest stir. The glam metal image, cocky frontman, shred solos and anthemic radio songs grant them a dedicated, but inexperienced, fan base.

They serve as a decent gateway band. Somewhere in between the blandness of Bullet For My Valentine and the censored brutality of Avenged Sevenfold. Once these fans grow up most will leave the metal world, or become exposed to the better side of it.  They aren’t an awfully bad metal band, but not one that deserve the status they have.

The fans enjoy it, that should be all that matters. But the pretentiousness of more experienced folk are the reason they garnered so much negative attention. Not deserved but understood. A quick listen to one track is enough to decide your stance.

Short Review

High production, catchy choruses, oohs and aahs, heavy riffs and blistering guitar solos. This album is an anthem for the 14 year old wanted to escape from the clutches only to grow up in a few years with a greater musical understanding. Not utterly abysmal but not an album for the experienced metal head. Expect to hear on radio stations as the flagship for heavy metal. Vocal lines stick in your head for days but once they’ve left you’ll never return to this album. Hard working, but has it all paid off? Not for everyone. Previous musical experience not required

Score : 4/10 – Gateway metal for the inexperienced metal head


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