Bullet For My Valentine – Temper Temper (2013) Album Review



Bullet For My Valentine have made a huge name for themselves. However the band you may have loved are gone and have turned into a machine that churn out the same songs with an ever decreasing rate of interest. Though they were never innovative really, they managed to be a great gateway band (for myself too) for young teens who wanted something heavier but didn’t know where to look. They have turned ever more commercial and are now barely a shadow of the former band. A shadow poorly cast in Temper Temper’s track Tears Don’t Fall (Part 2). A desecration of song many people who have moved on genuinely still like, not because of the quality but because it was one of the first ‘heavy songs’ they had heard.

Every song is a similar formula to the past songs but with less motivation. The guitar riffs may be fast but there not incredible. Some riffs from songs like Waking The Demon stand head, shoulders and the rest above these songs. Most tracks have  similar sound and it’s hard to distinguish between each. The lyrics are awful. When listening to a song for the first time you shouldn’t be able to sing-a-long. Matt’s voice is what it is, if you like it you like it, if you don’t you’ll hate this. The totally clean parts grate after a while, as if a teenager who’s first being put against the microphone and the crowd is assuming responsibilities, with these lyrics it’s surprising it wasn’t the first song every guitar player every wrote. Cringey and painful to listen back to.  Dead To The World doesn’t start too bad, there’s some nice progressions even with the mediocre lyrics. Similar to a Metallica song, but then the vocals come in. Not all the guitar riffs are bad, but combined with the lyrics or the lesser guitar riffs takes away their quality and wastes their character.

The guitar solos are a redeeming quality. Padge is a great metal guitarist but he needs a new project. Not in the same way Matt has a project (Project, not supergroup.). Something still heavy but on a different end of the spectrum. Some of the runs are amazing but coupled with the generic song surrounding it, it hasn’t the right light to shine upon it.

There’s not much really I can say about this album to deter you anymore from it. Asides from saying Tears Don’t Fall (Part 2) is awful. Perhaps they’re copying Metallica with The Unforgiven Trilogy in which case hopefully it doesn’t go further than this. It should never have been written.


Gateway music doesn’t have to be bad though, Avenged Sevenfold do it well. There are some catchy elements to this… but in that annoying kind of way. You will hum the song in your head later, but you won’t enjoy it. Almost tempted not to give it a rating. I’d have to say 2/10. Only because it can still serve as a gateway band to get more teens into better metal. Hopefully once they discover this album after a few years they’ll find Pantera.

Short Review

Wales’ most generic metal band are big with an explosion of expectedness and predictability. Matt’s voice attempts to be seductive and powerful but comes across as a creepy teen with lyrics that’d make even an early songwriter cringe. The guitar solos are the only element with a notable calibre. If you love this band you probably aren’t really into metal but hopefully this will turn you to their influences and expose you to real metal. Tears Part 2 is like a dating an ex, what are you doing? Not awful, but far from decent and prestigious.



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