Django Unchained (2012) – Film Review – Quick Review





Tarantino’s geniuseness is near indisputable. His track record of more than excellent films is something any film maker should be highly proud, and the likes of which others should aspire to. His unique way of finding the right balance of quirkiness, comedy and drama is next to none. If another director tried it, it’d instantly be shot down. But these films are protected by Tarantino. Not all his films have been amazing, but they all have their own unique style to them and entertain many people.

Django Unchained is a great adventure through the Wild West. It is clearly about slavery and doesn’t hide that fact. Whilst a dark tale, slaves being punished and even killed, it has it’s funny moments, wait for the scene with the KKK and you’ll be in stitches. This sort of blend is rare in films. The violence is over the top, like Kill Bill in the Wild West.

Jamie Foxx is great as the badass black cowboy, Christoph Waltz is hilariously entertaining as is Leonardo DiCaprio. But halfway into the film Samuel L Jackson’s character steals the show, playing a senile old black slave or servant. His stereotype in the portrayal is something similar you’d see on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, with a lot more usage of the N word of course.

Many people have accused Tarantino of being a racist because of the high use of the N word. A foolish notion, it’s hardy the first time he’s used that word and in Pulp Fiction I’m pretty sure he even says it, he doesn’t in his role in this film.

Asides from it’s length, a staggering 2 hour and 45 minutes, it’s a great film. The length is no primary worry as the story is paced exceptionally well and thoroughly enjoyable.

Tarantino strikes again – 9.5/10


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