Rumours of Spring – Lost and Found – EP ‘Drops on Glass’ – Song Review

Rumours of Spring – Lost & Found off their EP Drops on Glass. Available for download here


Please be aware I am only reviewing one song off the EP instead of a full EP review.

Lost and Found is a simple song that utilises a female and male vocalist accompanied by an acoustic guitar and bass to create a nice easy listening song. Though dynamically and musically very simple, it’s a great song to just chill out and listen to, even for reflection. The male voice is pretty strong and confident, this however makes him stand out more over the female vocals who seem to lack the same energy that the man (Damian I believe) has. Sadly this gives the voice a slight nasally sound. Saying that, the harmonies between the two vocals are great and though the call and responses could be more powerful, they work well together. The harmonies make the song flow better as there are few instruments involved in this piece, asides from a bass guitar that progresses nicely and an acoustic. The ending is much bigger than the start despite nothing much really changing. Production wise I think the acoustic guitar could be recorded better, it doesn’t sound natural enough.

Despite my criticisms it is a good song, sadly not overly impressive but it’s great to see what talent there is out there. It still shows the band can write well constructed songs and are confident to show off their musical talents. Though they’ve got a long road to go with plenty of learning I’m sure they’ll improve and write songs a much wider audience will appreciate.

I give the song 7/10

Download the EP Drops On Glass with the song Lost and Found HERE


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