Angelo Tristan – When Faith Breaks – Song Review

Angelo Tristan – When Faith Breaks taken from his forthcoming EP

ICMT cover2

Please note this is not an EP review. The image is not part of When Faith Breaks.

When Faith Breaks is a really upbeat and energetic rock anthem. It contains elements of pop rock and american punk whilst still retaining the testosterone filled rhythms of a classic hard rock fist pumper. The vocals are great and exceptionally powerful in parts yet managing to turn off the rasp in the more slower sections. Hitting all the right notes and picking some real nice melodies. In the middle section there’s a great part with lots of voices clashing together that breaks up the song really nicely. Instrumentally it seems pretty simple with a listenable guitar solo that isn’t painfully simple but doesn’t rip your face, a nice mix with some great lines. The piano brings some light on the song which would otherwise be a pretty heavy song. Overall the track reminds me of the moderised classics of Ginger Wildheart. There’s even a talkbox, that isn’t overly exploited like some huge bands do. The whole piece is really uplifting and really passionate. Maybe a bit too ambitious so early on in a musicians career to start bringing in power ballads but that aside it’s a well constructed catchy rock song. The man has a great voice and I’m sure he is versatile enough to sing on many other genres of music.

Look forward to hearing more. I give it an 8/10

Download I’m Coming Home Tonight from iTunes HERE or visit his website HERE


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