Anesis – The Construct (2012) – Album Review – Short & Long Review

Anesis - The Construct - cover

Full Review

Young unsigned experimental/progressive rock band Anesis from Worcestershire, U.K have finally unleashed some new music and it’s a much wider exploration than previous releases. Those who are familiar with their history will know that though the line up has differed little, Samuel Brooks (Guitars and vocals) and Chance Haycock (Percussion/drums and their main production wizard) being constant members with the addition of Ashley Robertson (Bass guitar), they have gone through many band names and genre changes. Never seemingly able to write for just one genre and never being able to stick to just one band name. After several switches from Spoilt Child to various other names the band finally decided on Anesis… at least for now. 

In comparison to the last EP the band released,  Idiosyncrasy under the name Spoilt Child, this is much more mature. The song writing is better, the instrumentals are astounding, Sam’s voice has become much stronger and the production quality has improved so much. For three tracks they manage to explore a wide range of musical styles.

The opener Utopian Man has some brilliant guitar lines and insanely catchy instrumentals with the inclusion of horns making what would normally be a highly interesting song into a huge jazz rock fusion epic. How Sam plays and sings the guitar and vocal lines at the same time I have no idea.

The second song Nostalgia is a much softer song, opening with a light piano melody and clean guitar. The song fluctuates and builds up into a huge chorus section and a fabulous guitar solo is perfectly crafted at the end. Probably the most popular track among listeners as it is easier to listen to than the others if you are unfamiliar with their songs or experimental music as a whole.

Euphoria, Grievance, Omnicide & Recreation is probably my favourite track. An early ‘progsterpiece’ that I’m sure the band will create many more of. The song, at almost seven minutes long, has numerous sections to it and the vibe is never the same. The opening is very spacious and airy and this flows into a more dynamic guitar heavy waltz.  However in a snap the song changes into a murderous tale, the instruments and vocals become much more aggressive and the middle section, after the protagonist speaks, is like something out of a Tim Burton film. Like I said this song goes through many memorable sections and this is something the band should be very proud of.

For a first dip into the world of progressive and experimental music this is very good. If you are a listener who wants to listen to music that’s a bit more interesting without being a blistering skullf**k of notes and time signatures then I would actually recommend this over some other albums I own by recognised artists. I look forward to hearing more stuff from the band and seeing them live in 2013. I’m sure they will be much more confident in what they release and the next EP or single or even album is not far away.


First Time Listener: Nostalgia

Stand Out Track: Euphoria, Grievance, Omnicide & Recreation

Score = 8/10

Minus two points for Sam spending more time on his hair than on the songs… that’s a personal joke. Just over too quick and needs more ‘progsterpieces’.

Short Review 

Anesis have finally released a great EP. Featuring three tracks but with more adrenaline, passion and musicianship than most other bands. A brilliantly orchestrated piece of art that explores various musical styles and delivers them into an unclassifiable genre of their own. Some may call it progressive or experimental but that is a wide umbrella for this and perhaps premature. At the least it’s a rock EP and a great one at that. Recommended starting point if you want to listen to prog/experimental, easy to listen to yet so interesting you will want to hear more soon. Well done guys


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