Severed Ties – Amongst Us All: Volume I (2012)



 No I am not going to review my own band’s E.P… well… I could. 10/10! It’s amazing! Go download it HERE. See what I did there?

 Right well… what I will say is please download my band’s E.P. It’s free for the month as we just want to get it out there but once the physical copies come there will be a price. 

 But it’s free now! So get it! We’ve put a lot of hard work into these 6 tracks and spent a lot of time getting them to a musical degree we thought best displayed our talents. Literally blood, sweat and tears has gone into these so PLEASE download, PLEASE listen and PLEASE let us know what you think.! Download here

 We want to also expand our playing field as a band so if you want to see us play in the UK just let us know and we’ll try and play near you. Obviously over seas will be difficult but if you send our name to the right people we can play anywhere in the world.

 Once again, please download the ep for free, and I really hope you enjoy it. Thank you.


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