Shinedown, Redlight Kings & Exit Ten – Gig Review – 28th October 2012

Well this is the first time I’ve done a gig review but I might as well. Wish I started earlier in the year so I could have done Black Sabbath, Slash, and so many other phenomenal gigs. But ‘what you gonna do about it’

My first review shall be the Shinedown gig I saw not too long ago.

We arrived pretty early hoping to meet the band and were stood in the drizzle hoping they’d come out. After giving up, eating a meal, and trying to meet them again we finally lined up and waited for doors to open. All of my friends were feeling pretty run down from an illness we all had so we decided to stay closer to the sound desk for this gig.

Exit Ten came on stage to an almost half empty venue but once they’d finished the room had filled out nicely. I’m not a big fan of their genre of music, it was like if You Me At Six (or however it’s spelt) had a choice of “These songs will make you money, these ones won’t” then YMAS picked the former and Exit Ten were left with the latter. They’re better than YMAS (not saying much) but I don’t know what it was, it’s hard for a support act. The songs got better towards the end of the set and the last song they tried to get the crowd to join in, it was pretty cool but as they left I was in the same mood; trying to get rid of this wretched cough. I’d download the last song off iTunes but wouldn’t but the album I’m afraid.

Redlight King’s were next hailing from Canada (I think). I liked these a lot more, the singer/guitarist/frontman engaged in a better way than Exit Ten’s singer as he wasn’t too in your face, he’d retreat to the back and let the other instrumentalist have the lime light. They had a good presence and the songs were pretty catchy. I’ll probably slowly grow to like them and maybe at some point purchase an album.

Finally Shinedown came on. Firstly 99 problems came on and then their real intro music started. Opened with Sound of Madness, I thought it was odd they didn’t do something off of Amaryllis as the opener but SoM is still a great opening song. The rest of the set performance wise was flawless, Barry’s bass drum was way too loud and his cymbals not loud enough but that’s not their fault. I think they were layering guitars as there was a part where Zach was fist pumping whilst a guitar was playing but his hands weren’t on the guitar, little disappointing but I’m sure he didn’t mime the whole set. Brent showcased extraordinary vocal talent, he really is amazing. His voice to me is the Brother voice of Chris Robertson of Black Stone Cherry. He didn’t hit the extreme highs on some of the older songs but he did some impressive extended notes and trills. He stayed for most of the set on his mini podium at the front of the stage. The set list however was too short, 14 songs is not enough when you have 4 albums and more songs to choose from, I know there were three bands (a gig should have two bands anyway I think unless it’s something like Rockstar Taste of Chaos). We saw Tremonti play 14 songs and he has a 12 track album, but he also came off stage to meet EVERYONE. I think the set list should definitely be longer next time, I paid to see Shinedown blow me away. Seeing a support band is good as it exposes you to new music, however I think there should only be one support band.

All that in mind I still had a good time, not gig of the year which will be tough to beat as it is also at the minute Gig of My Life (Black Sabbath at the O2 Academy, f*ck you all who say it’s not Black Sabbath I was still there and it was amazing)

Shinedown are definitely a band to see live, great on stage energy, great crowd interaction but the set list NEEDED to be longer.

Rating = 7/10


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