Taken 2 (2012) – Film Review


Liam Neeson has oddly become somewhat of an action star rather late in life. Taken was a surprise hit, and though it wasn’t an incredible film I found it brilliantly enjoyable and agreed that Liam Neeson is the best dad in the world.

With new of Taken 2 I thought “Cool, Neeson killing people.” But then I found out that he too would be taken and the daughter would have to man up and save him and his ex-wife, then I was worried. Anyway, here is what I thought of the film.


I think the film took very long to get into. Despite knowing the basic introduction there was still a lot of story set on ‘home-turf’ before the Mills family take their vacation. I felt there wasn’t enough action, or rather, took too long for Neeson to kill someone. The action was relatively good and it was good to see Bryan’s (Neeson) daughter participating in some scenes.

I don’t really want to ruin the plot of the film for those who want to see it but I found the antagonist’s motives a bit blurred and not very well thought out. Seemed as though it was an average script that they thought Neeson’s presence would make better (The Jason Statham Effect) but it sadly did not however. Once the action started it was broken up a lot and I regret to announce I found myself talking in the cinema to a friend and we both agreed we didn’t feel the need to stop, though eventually we did. As an avid film fan I believe this means the film was not engaging enough, the suspense of Taken didn’t carry through to the sequel.

One of the highlights of the original Taken was of course the phone call scene, there were similar scenes but none came close to topping the brilliantly suspenseful scene in the original film. There should not be a Taken 3 for any reason. It wasn’t that the film was overly bad but it didn’t have the same thrill that the original did. Taken one wasn’t great but Neeson being a surprise action hero/best dad in the world, over the top yet slightly believable story-line, and brilliant action scenes made it an enjoyable film.


Despite the hype from the previous film that may go on to be a cult classic, Taken 2 sadly didn’t hit the mark and is another sequel that is no where near as good as the first. Neeson is the best dad in the world (EDIT=apart from my Dad of course , but Bryan Mills should be allowed to retire.

Kill Count = 22 (by my reckoning)

Score = 2/5


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