Lawless – Film Review



When I first saw the trailer to this film the main focus for me was the actors; Hardy, Oldman and Pearce. I’ve loved many films these guys were in so I thought with them together it should be good. I also saw Shia as the main protagonist, I hoped this would be a film where he breaks out of his type cast role as a wimp, running around all the time and finally becomes a mature actor. However as I should have learnt by now, I shouldn’t build things up too much in my head.

A film is allowed to have many ‘boring’ scenes, scenes where there is almost no movement, so long as what is in the scene is worthy content. The Godfather has many scenes of people talking but it’s all very interesting, the writing and the actors make the scene what it is, an action scene requires less skill to grab people’s attention. The film being a biographical drama meant it obviously had a lot of slower scenes as opposed to an all out gangster warfare film with massive explosions and car chases with hats cigars and Thompson sub-machine guns (Though the film actually did include these)

I feel that the story was quite interesting and the actors played their parts very well. Hardy’s voice is incredibly low and American, which is a great comparison to his voice in TDKR and other films. It showed his ability to blend into a character and literally give them a voice of their own. The Bondurant Brothers consist of Tom Hardy as Forrest, Jason Clarke as Howard and Shia LaBeouf as Jack. I thought Clarke’s portrayal was great, I’m going to say he adapted well to the middle child syndrome that some siblings have (I’m pretty sure he was the middle child though I may be mistaken) regardless he was good. I don’t think Gary Oldman was in it as much as I liked, only three or four scenes in total. Pearce was insane and creepy, but brilliant. I hated his character which is a good thing for the role. Now, Shia. Most of the film he is his typical wimp, but as the film progresses he turns slowly but surely into a man and takes on the attributes of the mobsters and his brothers, hopefully he’ll start being taken more seriously as an actor and people will forget about some of his previous roles.

I didn’t feel the film maintained momentum very well. There were moments at the ends of pivotal scenes where I was hooked, and then the next ten minutes I began to stray away as some parts just didn’t seem relevant or were unnecessary. The story overall was interesting but the journey of start to finish was very slow. I wanted this film to amaze me, sadly it only caught my attention and was shy off of impressing me.


Good story, but because of a less than great story telling process and not enough momentum: 6/10 stars.

The cast were good, but it was just missing too much to be considered great.


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