Total Recall (2012) Film Review



I’ll appear to be, but I aim not to be, one of those people who dislikes a remake for the sole fact that it’s a remake. I went into this film hoping for a fresh take on an old story, some more intricate writing and plot developments, impressive visuals and brilliant action scenes.

The story remains somewhat similar whilst still being a bit different. A lot of the world is inhospitable due to a war, I believe this is a common theme in some sci-fi films so that there can be fewer factions and governments involved and the story can be easier to write. In this case, there are only two. Sadly they don’t go to Mars… I know… but there is a three breasted woman.

Not going to go into the story too much as I believe at some points they managed to still keep the film new whilst being a remake. But I have to say that there was a lot of running away from police and government officials without much advancement in the plot. If there were several jigsaw pieces added each time they rested then it would have flowed better but it was very ‘stop and start’ for a significant portion of the film. The ending wasn’t really at all satisfying, just felt as if I was in my own session at Recall and I was finally unplugged and set free with awful memories.

After an action film (especially one that’s a remake of an Arnie film where it’s great BECAUSE Arnie’s in it. An effect I like to call the Jason Statham Effect where an actor’s mere presence can make a film great, apart from In The Name of the King) I expect to be able to turn to my friends or whoever is with me and say “at least the action was good” but we all agreed on “… not that good” just seemed… I don’t know… too unnatural? But Star Wars Prequel trilogy managed to have some great looking action scenes whilst still relying heavily on CGI.

Sometimes just have to settle for the sole reason, it wasn’t good, because it wasn’t good.

Just only go and see it if you have nothing else to do like I did. But given the choice, I’d rather have the Arnie original any day. Even the updated graphics don’t win over the original, perhaps the absence of the ridiculous head expansion scenes is the only way the remake beats the original… but even then… who cares? It’s Arnie!


Unnecessary film whilst there are too many reboots and remakes coming out this in recent years. It should have been left alone.

2/10 Stars


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