Ted – Film Review


Some films that are generally aimed at a younger audience, whilst still appealing to adults, feature a variety of talking objects that generally don’t speak in real life. These generally being animals and toys whilst also they may be vehicles, pieces of furniture of even more strangely elements of the Earth itself. The film Ted concerns a fusion of the first two. A talking bear. Children always talk to their toys and may wish that they were real and could talk back, in some of these films the child does commune with the toy and at the end they live happily ever after; sometimes the toy can still talk, other times they cannot. Ted again focuses on the former.

Ted is like a sequel to all those childhood movies. ‘What happened after the happy ending?’ As the children’s films were directed at kids, the film where the kid and bear have grown up is aptly suited for adults, complete with all the ‘shit’, ‘fucks’ and ‘cunts’ that any adult comedy needs.

Mark Whalberg and Mila Kunis play the couple well and the story of their relationship is told perfectly through their actions. Writer and director Seth MacFarlane does a great job at voicing Ted, though you may criticise the voice for sounding too much like all the Family Guy/American Dad characters, they do make a quip about it partway through the movie. <Spoiler Alert> There is also a brilliant cameo from someone who is King of the Impossible, Queen fans can work this one out <Spoilers End>

The story follows a pretty standard format of comedy where there’s perfect hilarious harmony, the film takes a dark yet hilarious turn, then the film goes sad for about 20 minutes and it all goes funny again with the endings sometimes changing. Though for a comedy the story isn’t the focal point, it’s about the jokes. I personally found Ted hilarious, there were many real world references that were brilliant and, if I remember correctly, minor 4th wall breaking jokes (like the reference to Family Guy and American Dad)

Thoroughly entertaining for 106 minutes. I’d be surprised if there isn’t one part of this film you don’t like, fans of Family Guy and American Dad and other MacFarlane works will like this film I reckon.

I give it a 9/10 . Also Patrick Stewart does the narration… how fantastic is that.


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